The Nameless City

A narrative-driven first person adventure game, inspired by Lovecraft’s short novel of the same name.
Together as part of the Paradnight Studio team I created the original soundtrack, sound design and audio implementation using FMOD and Unity.

A short cinematic horror-themed game for the Playdate.
Soundtrack, sound design and audio implementation using Lua and the Playdate SDK.

Mobile multiplayer merge/RTS game from Electric Manta, for which I took care of the sound design, music, and audio implementation in Unity.

An old-school text adventure game I designed, wrote and developed as Cyberleaf Studio. I also curated the sound design and the original soundtrack, an eclectic mix of distorted ambiences, orchestral music, chiptune and piano.

I worked on the sound design, audio implementation (Unity & Wwise) and original soundtrack for the game DRL SIM, from The Drone Racing League. The music is a powerful mix of synthwave and cinematic orchestral music.

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