• Katana Soul VideogameSEEP

    I took care of creating the original soundtrack and sound effects for the game Katana Soul, by SEEP. Faithful Commodore 64 chiptune music and sounds, inspired by Japanese legends.

  • NetHack: Legacy VideogameFrozen Crate

    I took care of creating the original orchestral soundtrack and ambiences for the game NetHack: Legacy, produced by Frozen Crate; a porting of the original 1987 rogue-like RPG game NetHack.

  • Idle Apocalypse VideogameGrumpy Rhino Games

    I took care of creating the sound design and original soundtrack for the mobile game Idle Apocalypse, by Grumpy Rhyno Games. 16bit & SNES-inspired chiptune sounds and music for the aspiring cultists 🙂

  • DRL SIM VideogameDRL

    I took care of creating the whole sound design and the original soundtrack for the game DRL SIM, from The Drone Racing League. A mix of synthwave and cinematic orchestral music.

  • Broken Space VideogameSpiffyware

    I took care of creating the original soundtrack for the mobile game Broken Space, by Spiffyware. Melodic electronic music (with a charming retro vibe) mixed with orchestral and spacious sounds.

  • Dice Quest videogameOnyxFlame

    I took care of creating the original soundtrack for the mobile puzzle game Dice Quest, released by OnyxFlame. A crossover between chiptune, electronic, ambient and orchestral.

  • Motague’s Mount videogamePolypusher Studios

    I took care of creating the original soundtrack for the adventure/horror game Montague’s Mount, by Polypusher Studios. The music is a mix of piano-based orchestral score and atmospheric horror-like soundscapes, enriched by some folk acoustic instruments.

  • Macbeth – William’s Cut theatrical soundtrack

    As a member of the electronic music trio SoogoWonk I took care of creating the theatrical original soundtrack for an adaptation of William Shakespeare’s Macbeth. A mix of electronic/ambient music and orchestral score.

  • EuroMed Game videogameSalto-Youth

    I took care of creating the original soundtrack and sound design for the EuroMed GAME, a computer board game from Salto-Youth, which intends to be a useful educational tool with exhaustive multimedia material.

    Download the game for free from the Salto-Youth website.

  • Virtual Museum Of Sculpture multimedia applicationPERCRO

    I took care of creating the sound design and original soundtrack for this immersive virtual reality application and museum installation, which featured a curved stereoscopic 3D screen and haptic interfaces.


Custom Soundtrack Services

Original music for your game or video

I can create a custom soundtrack for your project, being it an indie game, a short video, a film or a multimedia application. I will put into it all my passion, knowledge and experience. I will make use of the best tools and softwares available on the market, to ensure a high quality standard.
I can write in a wide range of musical styles, from orchestral scores to electronic music (even chiptunes). So I am ready to take part in your project! I love experimental stuff and crazy people, so don’t worry if your project seems odd or unusual.


The cost for a custom soundtrack may greatly vary, depending on the number of tracks, length or complexity of your project. It can also depend on your need to keep the exclusivity of the tracks, or if you are interested or not in reselling the tracks for personal listening (i.e.: a soundtrack album).
So I am quite sure that we can find a solution, whatever is your budget! The quickest way to keep in touch is to write me an email to discuss the details (or use any other social channel like Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter).

Music licensing

If you are on a very tight budget and you cannot afford original music you can always have a look at my music licensing page, to be able to use one of my existing tracks or music packs for your project (I will also be happy to make small changes, or adapt an existing music to fit your needs).

Other games featuring my music

This is a list games featuring my music, with a non-exclusive license: