Andrea Baroni is an eclectic music composer, multi-instrumentalist and sound designer. Originally from Italy, he currently works and lives in the UK.

After a master in computer science, and degrees in multimedia development and music production, he worked for several creative agencies, and finally reverted working as a freelancer, creating also his own studio, Cyberleaf Studio.
He took part in the realisation of several multimedia applications, being them video games, museum installations or interactive audio books, and specialising in the audio implementation and content creation for those projects.

He also composed for TV, films and theatre, with bespoke compositions and also licensing his music via several music libraries.

He has a strong passion for creative projects and storytelling, self-improvement and constant learning. He loves his family, the eighties, cats, being a decent human being and coffee, lots of coffee.

Audio Credits

Video Games

  • Idle Mastermind (Grumpy Rhino)
  • Thunderflash (SEEP)
  • DRL Sim (The Drone Racing League)
  • Timeless Paradox VR (Flaming Experience)
  • Retrograde Arena (Freemergency)
  • Idle Apocalypse (Grumpy Rhino)
  • Tiny Time Travellers (Koen Digital)
  • NetHack: Legacy (Frozen Crate)
  • Katana Soul (SEEP)
  • XEYYEX (Ferulox Studios)
  • Murder The Reaper (Aerial Knight)
  • Degauss (Frozen Crate)
  • Broken Space (Spiffyware)
  • Neo Duo (Steve Foster)
  • Dice Quest (OnyxFlame)
  • Montague’s Mount (Polypusher Studios)
  • Abduction Bit (SEEP)
  • EuroMed Game (Salto Youth)

Films / Videos / Theatre

  • Royal Pains (USA Network)
  • Alone (Julien Lagrange)
  • William Shakespeare’s Macbeth (SoogoWonk)
  • Pisa Work In Progress (PERCRO, Sant’Anna)
  • Virtual Museum Of Sculpture (PERCO, Sant’Anna)

Ads / Promo

  • Help Me Quit (NHS Wales)
  • Tempo Ads (Sca Hygiene)
  • The Energy House (Kamestudio)
  • JW Player Overview (JW Player)

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