Hi, my name is Andrea and I am an eclectic music composer, multi-instrumentalist, sound designer and audio implementer. Originally from Italy, I currently work and live in the UK.

After a Master in Computer Science, and degrees in multimedia development and music production, I worked for several creative agencies, and finally reverted to working as a freelancer, creating also my own studio: Cyberleaf Studio.

I took part in the realization of several multimedia applications, from museum installations to interactive audiobooks.
I decided then to specialize in game audio (making my inner child very happy), serving especially the indie games community with audio assets, original music, and with a passion also for implementing dynamic and procedural audio.

I also composed for TV, films, and theatre, with bespoke compositions and also licensing my tracks via several music libraries.

I have a strong passion for creative projects and storytelling, narrative-focused games, self-improvement and constant learning.
I love my family, the eighties, cats, being a decent human being and coffee, lots of coffee.

Audio Credits

Video Games

  • Idle Mastermind (Grumpy Rhino)
  • Thunderflash (SEEP)
  • DRL Sim (The Drone Racing League)
  • Timeless Paradox VR (Flaming Experience)
  • Retrograde Arena (Freemergency)
  • Idle Apocalypse (Grumpy Rhino)
  • Tiny Time Travellers (Koen Digital)
  • NetHack: Legacy (Frozen Crate)
  • Katana Soul (SEEP)
  • XEYYEX (Ferulox Studios)
  • Murder The Reaper (Aerial Knight)
  • Degauss (Frozen Crate)
  • Broken Space (Spiffyware)
  • Neo Duo (Steve Foster)
  • Dice Quest (OnyxFlame)
  • Montague’s Mount (Polypusher Studios)
  • Abduction Bit (SEEP)
  • EuroMed Game (Salto Youth)

Films / Videos / Theatre

  • Royal Pains (USA Network)
  • Alone (Julien Lagrange)
  • William Shakespeare’s Macbeth (SoogoWonk)
  • Pisa Work In Progress (PERCRO, Sant’Anna)
  • Virtual Museum Of Sculpture (PERCO, Sant’Anna)

Audio Books

  • The Dancing Butterfly (HMC)
  • The Sweet Dreams Dragon (HMC)
  • Lullaby (HMC)

Ads / Promo

  • Help Me Quit (NHS Wales)
  • Tempo Ads (Sca Hygiene)
  • The Energy House (Kamestudio)
  • JW Player Overview (JW Player)

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