Andrea Baronicomposer & sound designer
audio implementer

I help game developers to elevate their stories’ emotional content through audio.

Owner of Cyberleaf Studio

Latest Works

Halfway to Dawn

AlbumGame Audio

A short cinematic horror-themed game for the Playdate.
Soundtrack, sound design and audio implementation in Lua using the Playdate SDK.

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Tales in the Dark


A fantasy-inspired collection of pieces I wrote in the last few years.
Featuring a blend of acoustic, folk, and medieval instruments, as well as orchestral parts and immersive sound design.

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AlbumGame Audio

Soundtrack and sound design for the mobile game Necromerger, by Grumpy Rhino. An idle merge game mashup with a horror/fantasy setting and an eclectic and fun soundtrack.

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The number of player reviews that mention the quality of the music is pretty staggering. In addition to the excellence of the finished product, he’s very easy to work with. He needs little input from us once we give him the brief, but reacts to and integrates feedback well. He’s quick and communication is strong.

On top of this, he’s very knowledgeable on implementation and works with us to get things perfect. I couldn’t recommend him enough.

Sebastian Davies - Grumpy Rhino

With very short notice Andrea made a top-to-bottom audio pass on one of our games. It was incredible to witness the speed and quality of what he implemented. Composing, designing and implementing in one swoop!

Later he returned for an encore, working on Merge Rivals seeing what he could do with more time and notice. Completely elevating the experience beyond anything the team had imagined.

Bill Rountree - Electric Manta

I honestly would love to work again with Andrea on any project, to put it simple, if someone is creating a development dream team, they totally should have Andrea on board!

Tamer Qtaish - Lead Developer & CTO

Andrea is an extremely talented guy. He is a perfectionist and he keeps up to date with the latest technologies and is always looking to improve the way that he works. Andrea is a great person to work with and has a great sense of humour. Highly recommended.

Russel Kirby - Plus Two

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