Andrea Baronicomposer & sound designer
audio implementer

I help game developers to elevate their game’s emotional content through audio and to tell their stories.

Owner of Cyberleaf Studio

Latest Works


AlbumGame Soundtrack

The soundtrack for Beholgar, by Serkan Bakar. A classically styled Metroidvania action-adventure platform game.
The music is very much inspired by the Commodore Amiga and 16-bit soundtracks from the 80s and 90s in general.

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Idle Mastermind

AlbumGame Soundtrack

Soundtrack for the mobile game Idle Mastermind, by Grumpy Rhino. A supervillain simulator idle game, where you play as 3 distinct villains.
The music has a cool 16-bit era retro vibe and a not-too-serious attitude.

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The Longest Year


A chillwave, lo-fi electronic music album, composed during this last year of pandemic, between lockdowns, missing friends and family, and hoping for a better world.

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