Andrea Baronicomposer & sound designer
multimedia developer

I am a freelance musician, composer and sound designer for games & videos. I am also the owner of Cyberleaf Studio
I love video games, rainy days, coffee and travelling to the moon.

Latest Works

Idle Mastermind


Soundtrack for the mobile game Idle Mastermind, by Grumpy Rhino. A supervillain simulator idle game, where you play as 3 distinct villains.
The music has a cool 16-bit era retro vibe and a not-too-serious attitude.

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The Longest Year


A chillwave, lo-fi electronic music album, composed during this last year of pandemic, between lockdowns, missing friends and family, and hoping for a better world.

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Lost Souls


The original soundtrack I composed for the short film “Lost Souls” by Maurizio Maltoni.
A mix of orchestral, electronic and industrial music, based on the dance performance portrayed in the film.

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