Andrea Baronicomposer & sound designer
multimedia developer

I am a freelance musician, composer and sound designer for games & videos. I am also the owner of Cyberleaf Studio
I love video games, rainy days, coffee and travelling to the moon.

Latest Works

Unsettled Nights


A piano-only EP, a delicate but troubled intimate landscape of melancholy, exploring the desire to connect and untangle the uneasiness of everyday life.

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Soundtrack I composed for the video game Thunderflash by SEEP, released in 2020. A mix of 80s & 90s arcade-style chiptune music.

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The Persistence Of Movement


A collection of some of the songs I wrote throughout the years for the dance and the arts; a delicate balance between orchestral and electronic music, resulting in a series of ambient-sounding, introspective and yet intense and eclectic instrumental songs.

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