Baroni composer and sound designer
multimedia developer


Hi! I am a freelance musician/composer and multimedia developer, owner of Cyberleaf Studio.
I love videogames, rainy days, chocolate and travelling to the moon.


Latest Works


    Dice Quest


    Soundtrack for the mobile game Dice Quest.
    Dice Quest is a 3D Puzzle/Arcade game inspired by Tetris, Role Playing Dice, sci-fi, math and other very strange things.
    The music is a mix of electronic with chiptune and orchestral elements.

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    Lullabies Of The Fallen


    My second full-length album.
    Songwriter-like electronic music with warmth and soul (and some sharp edges), enhanced by acoustic instruments like piano and strings.
    Lullabies for those who have fallen, hoped, dreamed, loved and lost.

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